A Land-Based Movement for Black Liberation

Who We Are

Black Land and Power

Black Land and Power (BLP) is building a land-based movement for Black liberation. BLP is developing interdependent strategies that move us away from extractive economies dependent on the violent enclosure of land, labor, culture, power, wealth and spirit.

“Down where we are, food is used as a political weapon. But if you have a pig in your backyard, if you have some vegetables in your garden, you can feed yourself and your family, and nobody can push you around. If we have something like some pigs and some gardens and a few things like that, even if we have no jobs, we can eat and we can look after our families.”

-Fannie Lou Hamer

What We Believe

Our Values

We believe that transforming land ownership, building interdependent economies, and building power for Black self-determination in tandem with indigenous sovereignty will set us free.

Our Folks

We are an ecosystem aligning our visions, values and strategies to reclaim our sacred bond with land, community, and organic solidarity economies.

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Black Organizations and Land Spaces

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A Land-based movement for black liberation

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