Our Folks

We are a vast network of Black leadership building a land-based movement and we are determined to be in our dignity as we raise the resources we need to plant the seeds of self-determination. We no longer desire to apply to those holding the bulk of financial resources for money. We ask that YOU apply to take part in OUR work. In building this Reparations Summer campaign we’ve learned a lot, and we’d like to share a bit about our folks and our values while also being clear we will not perform or overshare in order to prove our funding worthiness to the white gaze.

Meet Our Folks

We are an ecosystem aligning our visions, values and strategies to reclaim our sacred bond with land, community, and organic solidarity economies. We span thousands of acres, 7 networks, and 100 Black organizations and land spaces stewarded for beloved communities. We are young radical queer folks innovating and holding space with elders to co-create and remember our culture. We are elders still learning, grappling with contradictions and looking to bring the next generation home to the land. We are organizers rooted in Dual Power who geek out about system mapping. We are builders of self-determining economies. We are organizing together to create new governance and build power. We are Black, brilliant, and ready.

Here a handful of Black land stewards who model our values and will be first to receive direct resourcing from this campaign:

Black Oaks Center


We are a learning center in sustainability, natural building, renewable energy systems, regenerative agriculture and resilience to facilitate future generations to thrive in a post-carbon world.

Earthseed Land Collective

North Carolina

We believe that creating intergenerational relationships and skill sharing promotes and increases resourcefulness, community wellness, financial independence and self-determination for our current past and future generations.

TKO Farming


TKO Farming is a fully sustainable farm within a larger community connected not only across Mississippi but to Black land-stewards across the South. Our mission is working to improve the social, economic and cultural landscape of Black farmers while reconnecting with the land in a deep, enduring, and regenerative manner.

G2G / The Come Up Project Co-op


Our mission is to put into practice a holistic approach providing employment and entrepreneurial opportunities to returning citizens that live in under-served communities.

Foxfire Ranch


We are an entertainment and event venue in North Mississippi, centering rest, retreat, deep learning; celebrating 100 years of Black land ownership.

Nature’s Garden for Victory and Peace


Our vision is to cultivate land that is preserved and built upon to evoke health, social well-being, victory and peace in members of the community.

North Star Farm via Black Church Food Security Network


We're transforming 5-acres of underutilized land into North Star Farm, an urban teaching farm that will support youth, neighbors, and others in the farm and faith communities. We believe that North Star Farm can honor our history by pointing the way to freedom through food, autonomy, and communal self-determination.

Sipp Culture


Sipp Culture is a generational approach to collective community development in rural Utica, MS.

Operation Spring Plant

North Carolina

We are a grassroots, non-profit organization, dedicated to promoting self-help, community and economic development programs and initiatives for historically underserved and other small farmers and producers.

Yisrael Family Urban Farm


Our goal is for community members to develop autonomy by shifting from consumers to producers while connecting their personal growth to community resilience.

Networks and organizational anchors


These folks support, train, organize, collectivize, and help resource the on-the-ground work:

National Black Food and Justice Alliance (NBFJA) BLP is a project of the Alliance. NBFJA organizes for Black food and land, by increasing the visibility of visionary Black leadership, advancing Black people’s struggle for just and sustainable communities, and building power in our food systems and land stewardship.

Black Dirt Farm Collective is a collective of Black farmers, educators, scientists, agrarians, seed keepers, organizers, and researchers guiding a political education process through our cultivation of a Black agrarian education (Afroecology).

Center for Third World Organizing is a racial-justice organization dedicated to building a social-justice movement led by people of color. As a training and resource center, it promotes and sustains direct-action organizing in communities of color in the United States.

BlackOUT Collective is a radical full service direct action organization. We build organizations’ capacity to execute creative and effective direct actions as well as holding “Liberation Lab”- a container for experimentation, deep space visioning and learning.

Southeastern African American Farmers' Organic Network (SAAFON) works to strengthen Black farmers’ collective power to build an alternative food system rooted in progressive values.

Land Loss Prevention Project providing legal support and technical assistance to all financially distressed and limited resource farmers as well as space for collaboration.

Hard at work and still in the works:

Black Land Power Financial Commons is our structure for regenerating and democratizing our resources, preserving and taking land off of the speculative market.

Drinking Gourd is led by Black healers and spiritual leaders who support and steward interconnected underground sanctuary spaces for Black and especially Black Queer and Afro-indigenous people, and engage transformative and healing work for our folks. 

And just a few more of our Black Land Power General Assembly organizations...

Soul Fire Farm and Northeast Farmers of Color Network, Hilltop Urban Gardens, Backyard Gardeners Network, The Harriet Tubman Freedom Farm, The Franklinton Center at Bricks, Feedom Freedom, Highlander Center, BUGS

Black Land and Liberation Initiative (BLLI) coordinates land-based reparations experiments toward building power for systemic Reparations and building spaces to determine how indigenous sovereignty and Black self-determination can be powerful together. The Reparations Summer campaign is coordinated by BLLI to serve the Black Land and Power work and we will continue organizing Juneteenth Reparations activities in the years to come.

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